About Us

AUSREO is now Australia’s leading independent manufacturer and supplier of concrete reinforcing products to the building and construction industry, having earned a well-deserved reputation for providing quality products and superior service and gaining national recognition as a trusted, first-class entrant in the concrete reinforcement market since our incorporation in 2000. 

Managed and directed by founding members who continue to guide AUSREO’s successful growth, supported by valuable input from our equity partner RMB, AUSREO’s ability to deliver solutions for our customers continues as we advance our infrastructure and production capabilities.

Our team’s collective experience totals many hundreds of years, comprised of the best people in their fields who have been hand-picked from our industry to ensure AUSREO continually provides the best in reliable processes through a “Can Do” culture that always benefits our customers. 

AUSREO’s highly professional team, superior service and ability to communicate at all levels has contributed to our steady growth over the years, with our ability to deliver on our promise of excellence ensuring that our clients’ projects are always delivered on time and within budget. We know that our point of difference is our Service Offer, and our people work tirelessly to ensure that this is second to none.

Our ‘flex-ability’ to think beyond reinforcing steel has also contributed to AUSREO establishing many unique partnerships with leading Australian builders to deliver on numerous major projects - a reflection of our strong core values and capabilities. Just one example is AUSREO partnering on one of Australia’s largest ever projects over the past three years, through our BRISREO division, to deliver a hugely significant road infrastructure project with great success.

AUSREO is committed to supporting every client, on projects large and small, by manufacturing quality products to the highest standards, delivering them on time every time and working closely with clients to form a beneficial and unique relationship that facilitates good communication and contributes to success on every project.

Our success and ability to attract repeat business from our many satisfied clients not only reflects the abilities of our people, it is also your assurance of AUSREO’s ability to meet your reinforcing needs now and into the future. 

Our Mission

AUSREO is, and will continue to be, Australia’s leading independent steel reinforcement manufacturer and supplier and is committed to maintaining and developing outstanding working relationships with our clients through the provision of quality products, services and solutions now and into the future.

Recognising that our people are our advantage, we will continue to build on this strength by maintaining an environment in which they can excel and innovate to deliver outstanding benefits to the building and construction industry.

AUSREO will also always actively seek and invest in opportunities that enable us to move into the next generation of reinforcing products, to continue to deliver industry-leading reinforcing solutions to our clients.

And we will continue to improve the flexibility of our company to ensure we can deliver on any request or proposal and we look forward to working with our clients on exciting new projects and developments in the future.

Because, while AUSREO’s experience and capabilities have led to our successful growth, we will never rest on our laurels and will always work with our clients to ensure every opportunity for improvement is explored.