Prefabricated Reinforcing

AUSREO can supply pre-welded reinforcement cages such as piles, pads, columns and beams. Prefabricated steel cages (on- or off-site) can solve site restrictions and helping meet construction  program deadlines.  Our highly trained detailing team have the expertise to provide solutions which can overcome OH & S issues,  site space, constructability and pour sequencing.

New Opportunity and Improvements
Ausreo are proud to announce a strategic alliance with a well respected  and highly skilled team. 2014 brings with it a new opportunity to do consider prefab solutions with Coastal Steelfixing Australia. With a proven track record working throughout Australia and on the international stage. The team at Coastal provides Ausreo with experience and certification for prefabrication conforming to AS / NZS 1554.3 welding standards for the tacking rebars. All processes and certifications are OH&S are compliant and updated, The combined efforts of Ausreo P/L and Coastal Steelfixing Australia provide solutions to lifting large and heavy weights which pose risks on sites.  All lifting points are certifed and flagged for ease of delivery and installation.

  • Pier, Pile Cages
    Pier Pile Cages
    Supply of prefabricated standard round pier/ pile cages with continous spirals.

    Spiral bar pitch can be altered and accomodated to fit any design

    All tack welds are per AS/NZS 1554.3 and lifting points are certified.
  • Pads and Strip Footings
    Pads and Strip Footings
    Ausreo can detail, schedule and prefabricate pads and strip footings for almost any application, making delivery and installation easy.
  • Beams, Columns and Diaphragm Walls
    Beams, Columns and  Diaphragm Walls
    Most inner city construction sites are tight for space and time.

    Our dedicated team can plan, schedule and prefabricate any columns, walls , beams, diaphragm walls and other items to speed up your  construction program or alleviate any space issues on site.
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