There are customers, like De Martin & Gasparini, who have been working with AUSREO for many years. The experience and innovation DMG have brought to shaping Sydney’s skyline has helped developers and builders to construct faster, safer and within budget by reducing waste.

DMG and AUSREO have gone to the next level with the introduction of AUSREO’s Preform Column System. The engineered Preform Column System provides a reinforced formed column ready for concrete placement minutes after delivery through planned and controlled offsite fabrication. Removing the need of huge crane cost usually required for precast systems is a further advantage in waste and cost reduction.

Careful planning and speed on site reduces waste and frequently provides acceleration opportunities over every floor. Analysis shows a reduction of 1 day per floor as a minimum, therefore 30 levels saves 30 days – do the calculation on your average project lifecycle to determine how much you can save. But don’t just take our word for it, contact the guys at DMG who over the last 100 years have been forming and tying columns on site, and will not look back.

“We definitely will use the system on future projects and will seek client approval on every chance made available as it reduces the workload for our site team and provides ease to deliver the project”

Gaby Daher – Construction Manager, De Martin & Gasparini

Enquire at AUSREO and ensure that our unique value engineered system will also take you to the next level.