5D Reinforcing Steel Modelling – a global trend changing the Australian construction industry

AUSREO is proud to offer you 5D modeling services to detail steel reinforcement. The added dimensions of 4D (Time on site) and 5D (Cost alternatives)  to traditional 3D modelling allows you to construct faster with less waste.

Our ‘DFMA Insite’ software provides in depth project intelligence. The extensive library of steel reinforcement elements helps your design engineers optimise for shorter build times and cost savings through prefabrication and buildability options.

All of this takes place before the first m3 of concrete touches your project site!

The earlier we are involved in the design process, the greater the opportunity to make significant impacts on your project. “We look for ways to save time when building reinforced concrete structures”, said Alan Jeffreys, Chief Technical Officer. “With the 5D Building Modelling Information (BIM) platform we are able to drive shorter build times and eliminate material waste by producing highly detailed marking plans and shop drawings”.

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