Reinforcing steel mesh and bar

Reinforcing Mesh

Reinforcing mesh is used to strengthen flat concrete elements such as floor slabs and walls.

We supply Square (SL), Rectangular (RL), Trench, and DIY Mesh.

Sheet sizes are 6000mm x 2400mm for Square and Rectangular Mesh.
DIY Mesh sheet size is 4000mm x 2000mm.

Square Reo Mesh sizes are: SL52, SL62, SL72, SL81, SL82, SL92, SL102.

Rectangular Reo Mesh sizes are: RL718, RL818, RL918, RL1018, RL1118, and RL1218.

DIY Reo Mesh sizes are: SL62DIY, SL72DIY, and SL82DIY.

Trench Reo Mesh sizes are: L8TM200, L8TM400, L8TM500, L11TM200, L11TM300, L11TM400, L11TM500, L12TM200, L12TM300, L12TM400, L12TM500, L16TM200, L16TM300.

We offer Pod Slab Packages for M and H class soil types with square meter pricing. The package includes reinforcing mesh, deformed bar, polystyrene waffle pods, spacers, polythene building film, PVC joining tape and tie wire.

Custom reo mesh services include cutting, bending, and hot-dipped galvanising.

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Reo Bar

We supply a comprehensive range of standard N grade, 500 MPa deformed reinforcing bar (D500N), as well as N grade 250 MPa plain round bar (D250N).

Our reo bar is manufactured by local Australian steel mills.

Stock lengths are available off-the-shelf, however, reo bar is often suppliedĀ processed (cut, bent, threaded) or fabricatedĀ to suit the specific requirements of your reinforcing element.


Prefabricated Cages

Custom prefabricated steel reinforcement is typically used for pile cages, diaphragm walls, columns, beams, precast elements, tunnels, bridges and barriers.

We detail the prefabricated elements using proprietary 3D modelling technology, ADDA-BIM.

Prefabricated steel reinforced cages overcome site space constraints and scheduling challenges.

Most importantly, manufacturing the steel reinforcement elements in a quality controlled factory increases productivity and reduces site safety risks.

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Tools & Accessories

Our complete range of steel reinforcement tools and accessories will help make your concrete pour a success.

We supply Bondek, concrete, bar accessories, bar benders, concreter tools, sealers and solvents, trowelling machines, pods, tie wire, spacers, safety boots, etc. Shop our range.

If you need it... we got it... or we'll get it for you.



AUSREO supplies a wide range of steel decking and timber formwork boards, including LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) for concrete structural applications.

Our LVL is certified by the Engineered Wood Products of Australia to meet AS/NZS 4357.

Products include Edge Form, Tru Form, Formply, Plastic Fillet and Nail-Bullet Head.

Value Added Services