Congratulations to our Sunshine North team for reaching 1000 DAYS LTI FREE!

The team celebrated the milestone with a BBQ lunch and awards presentation. Dennis Crestani, CEO, who flew down from Sydney to attend the big day, told the team, “This is a significant achievement and you should all be proud. You’ve set an example for others to follow. I will be sharing your safety practices and behaviours with others in the industry”.

Paul Lowden, General Manager – Victoria, let his team know how much this achievement meant to him by telling the story of a Victorian construction worker who recently died after being severely injured at work. “I value you – so it’s important to me that you don’t get hurt. Look after each other”, Paul told his team.

The awards celebration also included a couple of Sunshine North retirements and three staff who reached 10 – year’s service.

We wish Neagoie Sterica and Vince Scanlan all the best in their retirement.

And, congratulations to Paul Lowden, Phuoc Van Phan, and Hoang Quang Nguyen for their 10 – year’s of service to AUSREO!

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